S1 Ep17: The Dogwalker Slayings

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  • Hi, just wanted to say first of all that I am a big fan of your blog and podcasts!

    With reference to this particular podcast, I am just curious as to whether this story ever came to your attention when it was in the news (approx. 7 years ago):


    I’m sure the police must have ruled him out of the killings you’ve talked about but the similarities between the incident he was convicted for (not to mention geographical location) and some of the murders in your podcast have always stuck with me. His age would rule him out of the first killing and put him in his late teens / early twenties for the others which is obviously not impossible.

    There is also a video on YouTube about Lyn’s murder titled ‘The Murder of Lyn Bryant (2014)’ and at approx. 55 seconds, they show a composition of a bearded man who, to me, bears a strong resemblance to the man convicted (albeit in the composite he looks like an older man).

    As I said, the police must have surely ruled him out considering how well-known the murders in your podcast are but would nonetheless be interested to hear your thoughts!!!