S9 Ep4: My Brother, My Killer

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All families have squabbles from time to time – it’s human nature. But sometimes, a squabble exists only in the mind of one family member, and when they become obsessed that they are right, wild horses cannot change their mind – sometimes, it borders on paranoia.

The tale this time around on The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast, a horrific tale from Manchester back in 2016, shows just what horrific consequenses paranoia can bring. 

The episode contains details and descriptions of crimes and events, involving  descriptions of injury detail, that some listeners may find disturbing and or distressing, so discretion is advised whilst listening.

Music used in this episode: “The Descent” by Kevin Macleod. All music used is sourced from https://filmmusic.io/ and used under an Attribution Licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

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  • Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick
  • SUUNS – Images du futur
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Remembering Julie, and her family. This episode is dedicated to them. 

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