"Strange, macabre, tragic and downright unusual"

Since its inception in September 2017, the show has been dedicated to covering obscure and forgotten crimes from across the United Kingdom. These cases aren’t your Shipman’s, your West’s, your Sutcliffe’s, for the most part, they’re crimes you probably haven’t even heard of.

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S9 Ep10: Last Ride.

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Who Killed The Smith Family?

“I had everything I ever wanted – loving parents, a nice home, and a wonderful husband and family. I thought the world was wonderful and that bad...

The Rampage Of Kevin Weaver

“You’ll find my gun in the car. I just wanted to shoot my girlfriend. I’ve wanted to kill her for two years, but when I saw her I couldn’t do it. I...

The Ossett “Exorcist” Murder

“You don’t want to see this one son. I’ve seen nothing like it before and I’ve seen a few. It’s the wife. She’s got no…He’s ripped at her son...

Who Murdered Alan Wood?

“Why do that to such a gentle man? If they had wanted his money, he would have given it to them” – Sylvia Allett (Alan’s sister) The rural hamlet of...

The Murder Of Elsie Frost

“It struck me as being cold, isolated, desolate, everything about a nasty place. She shouldn’t have died there; nobody should.”- Colin Frost...

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