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Hello all, I’m Paul, host and writer of The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast. Since its inception in September 2017 the show has been dedicated to covering obscure and forgotten crimes from across the United Kingdom. These cases aren’t your Shipman’s, your West’s, your Sutcliffe’s, for the most part they’re crimes you probably haven’t even heard of. They’re strange, macabre, tragic and downright unusual, and all are compelling stories of people and circumstances that most can never imagine encountering. 

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  1. It’ll be nice to hear about more obscure UK/European true crime. I’m glad I found this site. Not sure if you know about some of the True Crime podcast we have over here in the US. I would suggest…True Crime Garage, Sword & Scale, Generation Why, Criminal, Histories most Notorious, Missing Maura Murray, and Crawlspace.

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  2. I grew up in Riversdale House, formerly The Post Office in The Street, Eversley where Jacqueline Palmer Radford was murdered 1.4.92. The house was built in 1952 and was demolished in 1996. 2 houses now stand on what was an acre site.

    I met Mrs. Palmer Radford in 1990 when I went to view the house which was then on the market. We lived there as a family 1971 – 81. My parents sold the house in 1982.

    A very strange case. It featured on Crimewatch but I can’t now find the video.

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  3. Thank you for all the empathy you invoke during your podcast. This last episode on mate crime was beyond heart wrenching. Abuse of any form is vile and your presentation of these 2 cases captured the horror in its entirety.


  4. Can you change the social media to links on this page? Sorry, new to WordPress & am really exploring social media for the first time this last year at the longest (sadly, not until 35!). Thus, trying to follow & keep up on news is EXHAUSTING! 😂


  5. Loving the podcast… I found you after searching through Apple podcasts as I’d exhausted my usual go to podcasts and so started my marathon listening. I was gripped from the word go… but as I listened I was trying to work out what was familiar; then it hit me.., you’re a North Walian! Even better! I’m a north walian too, living in South Wales. Well done True Crime Enthusiast! You’re doing a great job!


  6. The Notting hill rapist tony Maclean was not a paratrooper he was in the Territorials never in the parachute regiment.


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