S7 Ep30: The Lost Boys: Part 8 – The Aftermath

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The Lost Boys series arc comes to a close this time around on The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast, looking at developments that have happened concerning the events mentioned within the arc over the subsequent years, right up to the present day.

It’s also time for me to vent, too. 

The episode contains details and descriptions of crimes and events, involving children, involving injury detail, and involving descriptions of a sexual nature involving children, that some listeners may find offensive, disturbing, and or very highly distressing, so discretion is advised whilst listening.

Music used in this episode: “The Descent” by Kevin Macleod. All music used is sourced from https://filmmusic.io/ and used under an Attribution Licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Playlist Tracks

  • Crows – Hang Me High
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Date With The Night
  • “Lambs To The Slaughter” – Ted Oliver And Ramsey Smith (Mar 1993)
  • “Catching Monsters” – David Bright (Nov 2013)
  • “Real Life Crimes – And How They Were Solved” – Issue 8
Assorted newspaper articles available from British Newspaper Archive/Newspapers.com

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Remembering Jason, Barry, Mark, and all of the other boys.
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