S7 Ep22: The Gasman, And The Madman

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Two tales from the early to mid 1980’s come this time around on The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast, where we are off back to Bristol to hear a tale of one of a certain cancelled tv show’s earliest successes; and then to Essex – where no other word will suffice to describe the events depicted than senseless. 

The episode contains details and descriptions of crimes and events, involving  injury detail, that some listeners may find offensive, disturbing, and or highly distressing, so discretion is advised whilst listening.

Music used in this episode: “The Descent” by Kevin Macleod. All music used is sourced from https://filmmusic.io/ and used under an Attribution Licence (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Playlist Tracks

  • The Almighty – Wrench
  • The Royston Club – Cherophobe
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Assorted newspaper articles courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive
“Crimewatch UK” – Nick Ross and Sue Cook (Hodder And Staughton) 1987
“Real Life Crimes – And How They Were Solved” Issue 116

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Remembering Roy, Steven, and Hilary
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  • Excellent work as usual Paul. I’ve read the book ‘Lambs to the Slaughter’ by Ted Oliver and Ramsay Smith with covers this case. I have often wondered if this gang was also connected to the dissappearence of Martin Allen in 1979. The book I just mentioned did look into that as well.

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