S7 Ep21: Daughter Of The Devil

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How often have you been in a nightclub, a bit drunk, and become separated from your friends? A bit more of a familiar tale comes this time around on the Enthusiast, where we head back to the early 1990’s, and to the county of Hampshire, to hear the exploits of an individual that the crime committed makes them stand out in the annals of British crime. 

If you know the tale as the episode progresses, i’m sure you’ll agree. If you don’t know it – then come it’s end, you’ll think – how fortunate it is that the individual was put away when they were, for how much more carnage would we be talking about?

And despite the passage of time – the individual you’ll hear of is no less dangerous whatsoever today. 

The episode contains details and descriptions of crimes and events, involving involving injury detail, involving descriptions of a sexual nature, and with references to cases of animal cruelty, that some listeners may find offensive, disturbing, and or highly distressing, so discretion is advised whilst listening.

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  • Mansun – The Chad Who Loved Me
  • Gerry Cinnamon – Sometimes
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Remembering Katie.

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  • I remember Sharon Carr and the murder she committed, but wasn’t aware that she tried to kill someone else exactly two years later as well. As it’s common for the anniversary of a murder to be a particularly difficult time for the victim’s loved ones, could it be that any emotions experienced by the culprit(s) following and in relation to a slaying are also often exacerbated on its anniversary, and that their chances of reoffending that day might therefore be higher than they would be normally? If so, perhaps Melanie Hall’s killer really was none other than the man who had murdered Melanie Road in the same city (Bath) twelve years to the day previously.

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