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It’s been some time since I reviewed a podcast for TTCE, and in the time since I last did, I’ve worked with a couple (you know who you are), chopped and changed a few that I listen to, got fed up of some, and become a fan of a few new that I have discovered. I’ll get around to them all in time, but the one I’m concentrating on at this moment is a UK-based true crime/paranormal one called RedHanded.

RedHanded is a relatively fledgling podcast, having only dropped episode 6 in its first series/season this week (01 Aug), and is run by two pleasant-sounding ladies named Hannah and Suruthi who deliver each episode naturally and confidently. It covers true crime – not just your grisly murders, but bizarre crimes also, as well as notable cases of the paranormal. And a bizarre case of the two of them trapped in a small cupboard (the mind boggles)………

I’ve come to RedHanded for several reasons really: Firstly, it’s a UK-based one covering (to date) solely UK cases. Regular readers of TTCE know that this is my forte also, so that’s a plus point to me. The UK has more than enough fascinating, recountable cases that stick in the mind if they are searched for, and I find that people are most interested with places they know can picture or identify with more so than somewhere the other side of the world from you. I certainly do. Secondly, and again this is impressive to me – is that the cases that are covered are not lazily chosen. A bit of work has gone into each episode here – this isn’t the West case told yet again, or Jack The Ripper version six million, where minimal effort has to go in. That’s boring and would be re-inventing the wheel – what new would they bring to the table? No, RedHanded’s cases mostly won’t be too familiar with the listener. Whilst I am no expert, I am very well read as a crime researcher and at least two of the cases, I was pleasantly surprised to be unfamiliar with. I found myself looking them up after listening – interest piqued, job done.

And the cases that are better known – for example, Bible John or the infamous 1985 White House Farm Massacre – are equally well researched and presented and are not just a rehashed recount of well documented facts, but with valid points of view and personal opinions thrown in also, ones that make the listener know that the hosts are interested. Nobody wants a robot reading off a sheet – a bit of feeling and an understanding and opinion goes a long way. I was also refreshed to see a paranormal angle in there as well – for it’s always been as equal a fascination and interest for me that (come on, who wouldn’t want to be Mulder or Scully?) – and it’s the very interesting case of the Enfield Poltergeist as well – hopefully, the first of many more.

It will also be apparent to the listener that the girls grow more confident with each episode – I know this is true of many podcast hosts (everybody starts somewhere and practice makes perfect). The episodes get longer, the content is delivered more clearly and relaxed, and it is also clear how much they enjoy what they do – which benefits everybody. Hannah and Suruthi are both very approachable and helpful, and are establishing themselves well in the true crime online community. I’m even pleased to say that RedHanded and TTCE have had discussions, and are searching for a suitable project to collaborate on together. Watch this space….

So, it may seem to the reader that I never seem to listen to a bad podcast, and I’m a bit of a sycophant. Well, I’ve listened to some shocking podcasts that I have consigned to the delete button, believe me. I won’t review any bad podcasts, that seems an unnecessary knock and even if i do think content is dull, I still respect the time it takes people to do these things. Instead, I focus on championing ones that are good. And I would have no qualms in raising any negative points I found – I am very fair as my other reviews will reflect, a good review has to have plus and minus points. But the simple fact is, I find no minus points with RedHanded. It’s become one of my must listens each week – and I invite the reader to see if they agree with me. Excellent work ladies, you should be very proud.

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  • I love your approach to reviews (first one, but you explained yourself well!) Red-Handed actually is what brought me (back, as I was already following) to your WORPRESS page through a Google search on them to check their website/social again… I’m a fan of your podcast but now I definitely want to read up any reviews you have. THANKS for the great work on both. (Will try & tweet this & @ them) That reminds me I’m so glad of your referencing the cupboard incident… I was sad to see when I commented on Twitter thru Castbox on their episode in the cupboard it didn’t @ them & I wanted people to know of this “mystery.”
    Love from another TTCE
    ❤ Andrea ❤

  • So far, absolute trash. Tell the facts, don’t input stupid opinions like “oh he looks like a ham face.” No one cares.

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