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So for my second podcast review, the focus this time is UK True Crime. This was actually the first podcast I started listening to (I came late to the world of podcasts) but it’s fair to say I was pretty much impressed from the off. When I ventured into listening to podcasts, I started pretty much the only way you can: Choose what you enjoy, and search for that! Now, as readers to my blog will know, I am a true crime buff – and I focus solely on cases from the UK. So it stands to reason that you can guess what I would search for – and I found UK True Crime.

Quite a fledgling podcast (its been running since November 2016), UK True Crime is hosted every Tuesday by a very cheery sounding bloke called Adam. Each episode is of varying length and focuses on a single case a week, with cases covering not just grisly murder of the week, but also other topics such as fraud schemes and police corruption. This helps it stand out from a murder of the week podcast. Not that I have anything against those of course, but diversity is always good. Each episode is presented in a very personable, down to earth manner, and cases are very well researched and factually correct.

Where I’ve been impressed is in the choice of cases Adam chooses for each episode. I know myself that my interest lies predominantly in the more obscure, forgotten and unknown cases, and I class myself as very well read on British crime. So it was very refreshing to look back through the list of episodes and there be only one or two names I was familiar with (and again, these are not your Wests, your Sutcliffe’s etc). I listened, I enjoyed, and i have to commend Adam for his choices of cases to cover. Not only are they interesting, but the more obscure take that much more research (I know, believe me) and this to me shows a real dedication and enthusiasm for the subject. It also helps in his pleasant delivery, and I like the personal touch – I’d prefer to listen to someone a bit colourful and with opinion than a machine spewing facts and stats.

Not content with just a pretty awesome podcast, UK True Crime has an informative blog available too. The posts in this, although few, raise good talking points and invite discussion, such as “Can True Crime Ever Be Glamorous?”. There is also an interesting feature on the failings of the UK system concerning young offenders here too (the first part in a series i believe). Well worth a read, and definitely worth a sign up to the newsletter.

I’ve got nothing bad whatsoever to say about UK True Crime – as readers will know i am honest and unbiased in any reviews i give, and i am unabashed if i may be mistaken for being sycophantic here. I’m not – it just really is this good. In fact, i was so impressed with what i have listened to and read that i made contact with Adam. I find him very approachable and happy to work with others interested in the field, of which i have been more than happy to do so. Watch this space…..

The UK True Crime podcast is available on the usual platforms (itunes etc), but links to the Blog, the newsletter and all podcast episodes can be found by following the link below.

UK True Crime

It takes time, effort and dedication to make this work, and Adam clearly puts in an abundance here. The hard work here deserves to be successful. I sincerely hope that it is. Check it out – I’m sure you will agree.





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