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2 thoughts on “The Axe-Killer Of Lincoln Leave a comment

  1. Wonderful work as ever Paul.

    Incredible depth of research, your warm tones the perfect method of delivery, classic British terminology (“wrong ‘uns” – love it!) and the obligatory Crimewatch UK reference – all present and very much correct!

    Had to wait to get stuck into this instalment due to working ’round-the-clock as I try to complete work on my book about Inga, but it was worth the wait. I’d never heard of Joe Rylatt but I saw the Fred Maltby reconstruction on CWUK back in 1991 at the time it was first aired. Despite not having seen that episode since ’91 (I’m gradually working my way through Redcard74’s amazing archive, I’m up to ’89 at the mo) I still remember the dialogue that the character who played Fred and the lady in his local shop had between them would you believe! Her: “Morning Fred, come for your bread?” (rhymes). Fred: “Is it fresh in?” Her: “It is”. Funny the things one remembers isn’t it?!

    RIP Fred and Joe


  2. I remember the Fred Maltby case especially. I lived on the same road at the time. There was indeed a rumor he had money stashed under his bed.. After the case was over his house stood empty and the local kids used to break in to look for it.. It’s gone now and there’s a big luxury house built in it’s place. I wonder if the new tenants know…
    The police were looking for two suspects at the time.


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