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Episode 7 – The Cold Case Of Norah Trott

This week on The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast, we look at a horrific and vicious sex killing that remained unsolved for many years, until a cold case review came to it many years later……..

Also this week, the recommended Blog mentioned in the podcast can be found at: The Keeley Chronicles



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  1. Paul just listened to your podcast on the murder of Norah Trott, what an evil man the killer was and like you I suspect he has committed other offences. Are you aware that another unsolved murder took place in Rochford in 1893, the victim again was a woman, Emma Hunt, a divorcee who lived in the town. Her body was found in an area referred to as the “Wilderness near to the Parish Church” she had suffered extensive razor injuries to her throat and was described as nearly decapitated. A local youth Alfred Hazell aged 16 was arrested and committed to Crown Court but the case was thrown out due to insufficient evidence. Strange how history repeated itself all those years later. PS thoroughly enjoy your work and took up recommendation and read the excellent Keeley Chronicles.


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